Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition
 P. O. Box 3066 Allentown, PA 18106-0066

(Formerly Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition)
Spokesmen:  John Brinson, Jack Iannantuono
 Attorney: Eric R. Strauss, Esq.

  Phone 610-395-2088  Fax 610-398-9340
Representing over 100,000 gun owners in the counties of
 Carbon, Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton and Schuylkill

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An organization dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment rights of gun owners in seven counties in the state of Pennsylvania. We represent several hundred clubs whose members are involved in Hunting, Competitive Shooting, Law Enforcement, Firearms Training and Safety Classes, Firearms Safety Training of Youngsters, Gun Collecting, Trap and Skeet, and Plinking.  The coalition  represents and speaks for approximately 100,000 gun owners.

This organization was originally founded as the Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition (LVFC) in 1995 by John Brinson and Jack Iannantuono. The year 1999 was a special year for the coalition because it became incorporated as a non profit organization and immediately started running very effective radio ads.  Since its inception both coalition spokesmen have traveled the Lehigh Valley spreading the word and building the organization to include many member organizations.  Initially the LVFC represented only the four counties of Berks, Bucks, Lehigh and Northampton. In late 2007 it was decided to expand the coalition's representation into the counties of Carbon, Monroe and Schuylkill. In September of 2008 it became evident that the organization's name should be change to the Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition (EPAFC).

John and Jack also have spent time traveling to Harrisburg, testifying in front of several state committees to prevent anti-gun legislation from becoming law. They both know many of the legislators in Harrisburg, but it does not end there.  Both men are on hand to testify locally to prevent the passage of bad laws, as recently was the case in April of 2007. Both gentlemen testified in Allentown before a traveling state committee that was trying to pass a few dozen very bad laws proposed by Philadelphia politicians. 
The  EPAFC is strictly a volunteer organization. Nobody involved is paid and all activities depend upon donations. Our biggest assets are the radio ads that so many have heard over the years. The ads have come to represent the coalition in the minds of many gun enthusiasts.
The  EPAFC invites to you look over our website and please return to it often. If you belong to a club of shooters, hunters, etc. please spread the word about the coalition to your club management. Jack and John would be happy to inform them about the  EPAFC by paying your club a visit.

Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition Announcements

  1. With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, the Anti Second Amendment Politians are moving to restrict your gun ownership by using the same false characteristics of "Assault Rifles" as they did in 1994.  The ban on those rifles accomplished nothing.  

    Our current radio ad is here:   Click Here

  2. Note: The Anti Gun organization, CeasefirePA, has been getting funding from the United Way. CeasefirePA has a long history of falsely identifying
    a variety of semi-automatic firearms as "assault rifles", many of which were never identified by the Federal Law of 1994. The false definitions are to convince our representatives to ban the future sale and possession of such firearms. The true object of the organization is a lot more than stopping Gun Violence.  If you see all their objectives, you will see the true goal of this organization.

    This type of funding is nothing new. The United Way, back in the 1970's and early 1980's was funding Anti Hunting and Gun Control groups in New Jersey. After word go out, the various Second Amendment organizations in New Jersey spread the word and contributions ceased. United Way stopped the support of Anti Gun organizations.

    If you are a gun owner contributing to the United Way, re-think of where your money is going. Here is a file showing the United Way's funding of CeasefirePA and CeasefirePA's intentions by encouraging many cities to adopt the policies that may end up with you being handled as a law breaker.  Click Here


  3. The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition, Firearms Owners Against Crime and the Allegheny County Sportsmen's League, are planning a lawsuit against several cities that have enacted laws that are against your constitutional rights.  Click Here for full details.

To Contact John Brinson, Click Here.

Pro Second Amendment Videos - These are not only truthful; many are entertaining. This section will continue to grow, so come back often.

Gun Control Myths Exposed by ABC's John Stossel. Great interviews and facts.

Click Here


The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition is in the process of building web pages for clubs within its area of representation. The chart below will grow with time.  If you belong to a gun club in one of the 7 counties which has no website, please email the webmaster. The EPAFC will provide a web page at no charge.

Kutztown Rod and Gun Club  


The Truth Behind the Deer-Reduction Program


Introduction. For over a decade, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has been systematically reducing the Commonwealth's deer herd.  Although sportsmen were told that the reduction was in their best interest and would be temporary and limited, to date the herd has been decimated by 50-90% and more in some areas ?rendering it nearly unhuntable in some parts of the state.  The social and economic impacts have been incalculable: the ranks of hunters have been slashed by 40-50%, the interest by youth is in a precipitous decline (a threat to the future of hunting), hunting camps stand empty and "for sale" across northern-tier counties, many outdoor-related family businesses have gone bankrupt, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost by the outdoor and sport-hunting industry.


Green Certification. Documents indicate that the deer-reduction plan began in 1996 as a means to generate money for state foresters, as well as to achieve an environmental agenda that promotes biodiversity (nongame animals, songbirds, and wildflowers) at the expense of the deer herd, the interests of sportsmen, and recreational hunting.  In 1997, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) "purchased" its first German-based Green Certification award toward increasing the sales of timber from state forest lands throughout U.S., European, and Asian markets.  There was a stipulation, however.  DCNR would not receive this annual award unless the deer herd was dramatically and permanently reduced.  Although DCNR did not have the legal jurisdiction to reduce the deer herd, by 1998 the Game Commission agreed to comply with DCNR's request. 


Biodiversity. In addition, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of Germany and Audubon imposed a new "ecosystem management" philosophy on DCNR and the PGC, which also required permanent reduction of the statewide deer herd in order to achieve their biodiversity agenda.  Therefore, for over a decade the PGC has been eliminating deer in order to achieve this new ecosystem management agenda for a greater diversity of nongame mammals, songbirds, wildflowers, and native shrubs.


DCNR also provided $50,000 to a Penn State professor to develop a system of measuring the populations of three wildflowers as monitors of biodiversity and forest health.  Accordingly, the deer herd would continue to be reduced until the densities of Indian cucumber root, Canada mayflower, and trillium begin to increase within Pennsylvania's forests.  However, a 10-year study has indicated that after a decade of herd reduction, the condition of these wildflowers has remained unchanged.


Forest Health.  In 2006, a DCNR statewide browsing study on over 47,000 survey sites indicated that nearly 90% of forest regeneration experienced "none to light" browsing by deer, and only 4% was categorized as "heavily" or "severely" browsed.  Nevertheless, foresters from DCNR and the private timber industry continue an aggressive lobbying campaign of the PGC's Board of Commissioners ?pleading to maintain herd reduction and even increase the rate of herd decline until red oak seedlings increase throughout the forest.  However, after a decade of herd decimation, no substantive improvement of red oak seedlings or other tree-species regeneration has occurred.  A long term Penn State study has indicated that any lack of seedling regeneration is not due to deer, but is caused by highly acidic soils from acid rain.


Deer Health and Deer Impacts. Although the PGC continues to claim that additional goals (toward improving deer health and decreasing impacts that are caused by deer) justify continued herd reduction, two PGC studies have indicated that deer were never in poor health, and remain in good health throughout every one of the PGC's 22  Wildlife Management Units.  Regarding PGC's goal to reduce deer toward eliminating impacts that are caused by deer, according to state law (Title 34, The Game Code), there is no reference to "reducing impacts" as being part of the Game Commission's mission, nor is serving the interests of foresters.  Instead, Title 34 specifically defines the duty of the PGC as "serving the interest of sportsmen for recreational hunting."  As such, the PGC staff is in gross and deliberate violation of state game law, and could be prosecuted for the great and lasting effects that they have wrought on the Commonwealth when, and if, state legislators decide to enforce the law.


The Chesapeake Farms Connection. All three of the PGC's deer biologists were hand-picked from the same college, where they were trained on a small five-square-mile Chesapeake Farms agricultural sanctuary on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. There they viewed deer as a negative element of natural ecosystems instead of in the traditional game management philosophy that views deer as a vital part of the forest and sport hunting.  They were trained in a so-called "quality deer management" approach that is designed to eliminate impacts by eliminating deer, and they were specifically hired to expand this five-square-mile template to a statewide level.  They have accomplished their purpose.


Money and Agenda instead of Science and the Law. The findings of this independent investigation indicate that the deer-reduction program was not begun, nor has it continued, based on science.  Instead, the program was conceived toward increasing the sales of lumber in U.S. and foreign markets for DCNR and private timber companies, and to replace the PGC's traditional deer management philosophy with a new biodiversity goal of Audubon and DCNR that favors nongame animals, song birds, and wildflowers over the interest of sportsmen and recreational hunting.

?According to Commissioner Tom Boop, "We now have an almost completely subjective program that is not based on science and I will forever cringe when I hear the term "sound science" as applied to the current deer management program of this agency.  I, for one, do not believe that the ability to sell timber from certified forests or having some trillium on the ground comes even remotely close to compensating for what we have lost."

?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  According to PGC's retired Chief Forester, Bill Shaffer, "I am concerned AND angered by the mismanagement of the deer herd in PA under the guise of biodiversity.  A feigned lack of forest regeneration caused by the deer was a pretext used to correlate and establish such a fact, which, in fact, never existed." 

?According to Gary Alt in a recent interview, "I did the best with the knowledge I have.  But making doe season two weeks, that's another issue.  It's not based on science; it's based on politics."


Conclusion. Title 34, Section 322 (c)(13) specifically states that it is the duty of the Commission to serve the interest of sportsmen for recreational hunting.  Nowhere in Title 34 is there a directive for the Game Commission to serve the interests of either state or private foresters, to reduce impacts, or to encourage the propagation of wildflowers over the interests of sportsmen and recreational hunting.  Although there are some within the Game Commission who have been intentionally manipulating the mission of Title 34 to suit their personal views, they do not have the authority to redesign The Game Code at their discretion and to circumvent state law.  In this regard, it is the duty of the Attorney General, the Office of the Governor, the State Legislature, and the PGC's own Board of Commissioners to address this serious violation of the law.


A comprehensive listing of the findings from John Eveland's independent, scientific investigation of the Game Commission's deer-management program is available at www.acsl-pa.org. Sportsmen are encouraged to contact their state legislators and the Office of the Governor toward enforcing state law and prosecuting the current game violations by PGC staff, and toward returning the Commonwealth to the traditional scientific management of our state mammal.


Prepared by John Eveland  ?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  412.601.0077  ?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  jfeveland@acsl-pa.org  ?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  www.acsl-pa.org  ?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  2.15.12


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